Monthly Archives: May 2011

Good Therapy on the New River

Great time of therapy on the New River yesterday afternoon.  The fish, both smallmouth and red eyes were hitting two things.  This smallmouth hit the new River Runner Baits 4″ Slender Stick in the Sparkly Crawler color. (see fish’s mouth  🙂 ), and the new color in the River Runner Baits 3″ Salty Stick line-up … Pumpkin Pepper Green.  Fish on!

New River Runner Baits 3.75″ Mad Minnow is here!

River Runner Baits 4″ Slender Sticks Update

River Runner Baits were a success in South Carolina. It appears one of the early favorites is the color Sparkly Crawler which is a night crawler imitation. It’s already catching bass! Get yours right here at