Monthly Archives: June 2012

Making the Most of What Could Have Been a Bad Day

Made up my mind I was going fishing, with or without others, if someone could go fine .. if they couldn’t … it was fine as well.  I was going fishing.  Went out yesterday morning to start our GMC Jimmy .. it cranked once and then was dead.  No biggie I just switched the receiver over to the truck and hooked up the boat, got m gear in it and headed off to the New River.  Got the boat launched and cranked up the motor.  It started but failed to stay running so I cranked it again and it turned over once … and was dead.  Seems something is draining my starting battery.  I still stayed calm and thought … still no biggie .. I can use the trolling motor here and still fish.  I persevered and caught between 15 and 20 bass and redeye bass … mostly smallmouth.  Even caught my first “frog fish.”  Was tossing a Zoom Horny Toad over some weeds and I saw the wake coming from behind.  All the time I was thinking … son don’t screw this up.  Wow the nervousness and tension, although short lived… was immense.  I could even see the fins of this bass sticking up out of the water.  This only lasted 15 seconds or so but wow what a moment.  This bass left no doubt … he smashed the frog and I set the hook.  Moments later I had a smallie in the boat over two pounds.  What an awesome moment in fishing.  I caught my fish yesterday on the new hand poured River Runner Baits 3″ Slender Stick in mostly Sparkly Craw and a couple on Copper Reflections, on a Lucky Craft Rick Clunn 0.5 Phantom Brown Craw crank bait, and the aforementioned frog.  As my fishing time was coming to a close… I said aloud (even though I was alone) “well, it’s time for the ole’ proverbial last cast.”  I tossed out the Lucky Craft and boom an awesome strike … I set the hook and moments later another two-pound plus smallie was in the boat.  It was such a gorgeous day to be out amongst God’s lovely creation.  I am thankful and a bit surprised at how calm I remained through all of the obstacles that came my way yesterday.  But I learned, as I hope you can from this … we must work through our obstacles … remain calm … keep forging ahead … and good things will come our way.  Thankful for a beautiful day … good therapy on the water … and to God for all His many bountiful blessings … til’ next time … I remain blessed … Larry