Making the Most of What Could Have Been a Bad Day

Made up my mind I was going fishing, with or without others, if someone could go fine .. if they couldn’t … it was fine as well.  I was going fishing.  Went out yesterday morning to start our GMC Jimmy .. it cranked once and then was dead.  No biggie I just switched the receiver over to the truck and hooked up the boat, got m gear in it and headed off to the New River.  Got the boat launched and cranked up the motor.  It started but failed to stay running so I cranked it again and it turned over once … and was dead.  Seems something is draining my starting battery.  I still stayed calm and thought … still no biggie .. I can use the trolling motor here and still fish.  I persevered and caught between 15 and 20 bass and redeye bass … mostly smallmouth.  Even caught my first “frog fish.”  Was tossing a Zoom Horny Toad over some weeds and I saw the wake coming from behind.  All the time I was thinking … son don’t screw this up.  Wow the nervousness and tension, although short lived… was immense.  I could even see the fins of this bass sticking up out of the water.  This only lasted 15 seconds or so but wow what a moment.  This bass left no doubt … he smashed the frog and I set the hook.  Moments later I had a smallie in the boat over two pounds.  What an awesome moment in fishing.  I caught my fish yesterday on the new hand poured River Runner Baits 3″ Slender Stick in mostly Sparkly Craw and a couple on Copper Reflections, on a Lucky Craft Rick Clunn 0.5 Phantom Brown Craw crank bait, and the aforementioned frog.  As my fishing time was coming to a close… I said aloud (even though I was alone) “well, it’s time for the ole’ proverbial last cast.”  I tossed out the Lucky Craft and boom an awesome strike … I set the hook and moments later another two-pound plus smallie was in the boat.  It was such a gorgeous day to be out amongst God’s lovely creation.  I am thankful and a bit surprised at how calm I remained through all of the obstacles that came my way yesterday.  But I learned, as I hope you can from this … we must work through our obstacles … remain calm … keep forging ahead … and good things will come our way.  Thankful for a beautiful day … good therapy on the water … and to God for all His many bountiful blessings … til’ next time … I remain blessed … Larry

New 3″ Slender Stick (hand poured) Colors

New colors to our 3″ hand poured Slender Sticks … from left to right … Copper Reflections, Sparkly Crawler, and Cinnamon Crawler.  These exciting new colors join … Black Emerald, Black/Gold Flake, Cucumber, Dark Watermelon/Purple Flake, Green Pumpkin Shine, Oxblood/Red Flake, Peppered Smoke, Pumpkin Glow, Watermelon Flash, and Watermelon/Gold Flake in our 3″ hand poured Slender Stick line-up.  Get yours today and you will be yelling … Fish on!

New Steroid Craw!

New River Runner Baits 3.5″ Steroid Craw. A must have lure with mega action. Available in Blue Sapphire (shown0, Green Pumpkin, Watermelon Candy, and Okeechobee Craw.

River Runner Baits Working with Pro Angler Robbie Hartline

  River Runner Baits is proud to announce that it will be supporting Lady Bass Anglers Association (LBAA) Pro Angler Robbie Hartline (shown on the left) in the upcoming 2011 LBAA Lady Bass Classic on Kentucky Lake.  Robbie is a veteran pro angler and we are pleased that she will be tossing River Runner Baits to those beautiful Kentucky Bass.  We are sending out good thoughts of best wishes and big fishes to Robbie.  Fish on!

Nice River Runner Baits Bass from Lake Ray Hubbard in Texas!

Lady Bass Anglers Association 2011 Pro Division Rookie of the Year Pam Ridgle shown here with a nice bass that was caught at Lake Ray Hubbard in Texas.  This nice largemouth had to have a bite of the 4″ Watermelon/Purple Flake River Runner Baits Salty Stick Pam was throwing that day.  Hook up with River Runner Baits and you’ll be hookin’ up with more bass and saying like Pam that day said … Fish on!

Other Fish Love River Runner Baits Too!

  Here is a nice speckled trout that Fish Bait Radio host James Smith caught yesterday ( September 19, 2011) on River Runner Baits 4″ Salty Stick ..  color .. Texas Smoke!  Add more fish to your next outing by using River Runner Baits.  Fish on!

Northern Bass Love River Runner Baits Too!

Fish Bait Radio host James Smith with a nice smallmouth he caught on a private lake in Wentworth, Quebec, Canada recently on a fishing outing.  This nice smallie was caught on a 5″ River Runner Baits hand poured Chubby Worm … color … prism craw.  Fish on!

New River Bassin’

A great day on the New River today bass fishing with long time friend Roger Graves from Roanoke. We boated somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 bass and missed several more strikes. All bass were caught on River Runner Baits hand poured 3″ Salty Sticks. The new 3″ hand poured Sparkly Crawler Salty Stick shined today. Fish on!

Good Therapy on the New River

Great time of therapy on the New River yesterday afternoon.  The fish, both smallmouth and red eyes were hitting two things.  This smallmouth hit the new River Runner Baits 4″ Slender Stick in the Sparkly Crawler color. (see fish’s mouth  🙂 ), and the new color in the River Runner Baits 3″ Salty Stick line-up … Pumpkin Pepper Green.  Fish on!

New River Runner Baits 3.75″ Mad Minnow is here!