River Runner Baits 4″ Slender Sticks Update

River Runner Baits were a success in South Carolina. It appears one of the early favorites is the color Sparkly Crawler which is a night crawler imitation. It’s already catching bass! Get yours right here at www.riverrunnerbaits.net.

Finally Fishing!!

Finally got to catch my first bass of 2011 on Easter Sunday afternoon. Was good to finally get   on the water. Nothing like therapy on the water. Got this bass and all my bites except one on a 3.5″ River Runner Baits Watermelon Flash Reaper.


Gosh it feels good to be checking the batteries, getting the boat ready, looking at rods and reels, making a practice cast out through the yard. Feelin’ the need!

More Updates …

I’ve been busy loading pictures and colors and we are getting very close to having every product loaded. A few more things such as the 5′ and 7″ Finesse Worms, the 5″ Shakee Shad, and our limited selection of plastic chunks. Stay tuned and thank you for your support of River Runner Baits. God Bless!

Official Launch!!!

It’s official… as of 5:15 a.m. edt this morning Friday, April 1, 2011 … the River Runner Baits new and improved web site is up and rockin`. Check us out at www.riverrunnerbaits.net

Back Among the Living

Nice to finally get up to speed and feel back among the living. Wow what a trip back from Sam Rayburn. Compounding matters is that the next night I couldn’t sleep … it was like a major setback.

But back among the living and working hard on the River Runner Baits website. Both the new and improved website and the Facebook business page are set to launch Friday, April 1. Yayyy!