“River Runner Baits are some of the best baits I have ever used. Whether fishing the river or on the lake they always catch fish . They were crucial to me in doing well in some tournaments that I have fished in.  I am partial to the salty sticks and the 7″ Needle Worms. For me they simply catch fish and make a day or night on the water more enjoyable. I would recommend that anyone give these quality baits a try.”

Doug Dobbins/Pulaski, Virginia


“Just wanted to share with you my feelings about your product.  I’M AMAZED I can’t believe that every time I use your product I catch something.  There has never been a day that I’ve been fishing and using your product and CAUGHT NOTHING.  Every time…..  Everywhere……  I love it.  I can remember as a little boy going fishing and sitting all day long and never catching anything.  With your product those days are long gone.  Thank you for making a product that the fish never says “No Thanks”  or “Not Today”.  The fish takes it every time and so do I.”

Stacy Cope/Pulaski, Virginia

We have a 38′ trailer on a beautiful lake that’s home to bass, walleye and muskie.  It’s a great place to go to unwind and get away from the stresses of everyday life. What better way to do that than to grab my rod and head down to the water!  I’m always on the hunt for new lures and keep looking for that special one…and then I found your site.  WOW!!! I’ve been back several times browsing.  What a fantastic job!  So easy to navigate, so well organized, and what great looking baits.  I can’t say enough about your site and your products and will be passing along this link to my fishing friends!  Oh ya and I love the song by Brad 😉

Niagara Falls, Canada