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Make a splash with River Runner Baits' selection of plastic grubs, perfect for attracting your soon-to-be trophy catch's attention.


Available in multiple sizes and many types, including Curl Tail, Ripple Tail, Straight Tail, Finesse and Needle Worms, you can be sure to find the perfect lure.

Shad Bodies

These little beauties put on a performance sure to keep the fish entertained.  For the best in bait fish imitation, you can't go wrong with our selection of Jerk n' Shad lures.

Creature Baits,
Craws & Lizards

Lizards aren't made to bait you into buying insurance; they're made to land you a trophy catch, especially with these lures.

Salty Sticks

Ever feel like the fish are taunting you, swimming right around you and just out of reach?  Salty sticks can change the odds, leaving you with more fish in your boat at the end of the day.

Hand Poured Lures

Want lures that are a step above the ordinary?  Want lures that have that extra touch of quality built in?  Want lures that are super soft and supple with lifelike action?  If the answer is yes then River Runner Baits hand pours are the answer for you and your fishing needs.

New Products

The latest additions to our already great selection of baits and lures... check out these great offers!


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