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About Us

About Us

River Runner Baits came into existence in 1985 when some boxes of soft plastic worms were purchased from a company whose owner just simply didn’t want to fool with plastic worms and fishing tackle anymore.

For years River Runner Baits was operated in a hobby/business mode due to time constraints from a then full-time job.  Even with the limited amount of time that was available to spend on River Runner Baits, the business still grew in miniscule amounts.

After the turn of the century River Runner Baits exhibited more signs of growth.  In this time period when making a living took precedence over making and selling fishing lures the fishing world and fishing industry had went from power fishing to a finesse world.

Being a “small fish” in the big pond of name brand plastic lures that comprise row after row of tackle store shelves was a daunting enough task but adding to the “underdog” role was the fact that River Runner Baits now was in the midst of a finesse fishing world.

Finally in 2005 as full-time employment exited the crowded picture of things to do, catching up, expanding the product line and getting up to speed – in the finesse world was on top of the “things to do list.”

Adding product lines and colors came bit-by-bit along with another new challenge – developing hand poured lures and colors.  We are continually working on our hand poured line of finesse baits.  Keep an eye out for new styles and colors.

That brings us to the here-and-now.  River Runner Baits is striving to be your one-stop fishing tackle shop whether it is the super fighting smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, or panfish – we want to provide you with super-soft plastic lures that will enhance your fishing trips and increase your catches.

Thank you for taking your time to view the new River Runner Baits web presence. It is our desire to proudly serve you as stock your tackle boxes for a productive time of therapy and enjoyment in God’s great outdoors.

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